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We have been focusing on doing only one thing -making good resins, but serving every part of people’s life. 

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The story of our group company begins from 1996, is about harnessing the fruits of science for goals that go beyond business. We operate through two verticals – pharmaceutical intermediates and UPR. The company’s pharmaceutical intermediates product range provides key intermediates to many of the world’s leading drug factories, while the UPR products are being used in every part of life, from buttons to wind turbine blades, kitchen counters to automatives parts.

As one of the 3 largest UPR manufacturers in China, our annual capacity is about 400,000 ton. We have built very good brand image and reputation domestically and are expanding quickly in overseas markets.

 Since its founding, RYANOX has been focusing on only two things: Innovation and Service. We keep investing in R&D to extend our product range and ensure we will continue to meet customers’ increasing expectations.

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RYANOX presents a wide product range, which enables reliable and long-term solutions for the customers. We develop our resins and derivatives in collaboration with our customers in various industries. 

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Our company’s strategy is based on rigorous  R&D studies to develop new technologies providing innovative solutions by providing anticipating the needs and demands of the industry. 

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